Count Your Carbon

Ever feel like your energy bill is out of control?

Home energy audits are one way for energy consumers to be told where (and how) they can seal their home against energy loss. They can also find out how simple changes in energy use can save both money and carbon emissions.

From the Progress website:

Progress Energy’s Home Energy Check is a comprehensive residential energy evaluation program. The program provides our customers with an analysis of energy consumption and recommendations on energy efficiency improvements. The Home Energy Check will help you identify and evaluate cost-effective energy-saving measures for your home.

Progress offers online do-it-yourself online energy audits or you can have an auditor come out to your house. Last semester, I followed around Progress Energy auditor Mark Tomlin as he conducted an energy audit on a St. Petersburg home. I put together an audio slideshow that shows what areas energy auditors investigate and what to expect if you were to have one done on your home.


The slideshow was made using Soundslides and I captured the audio on a Marantz device. It was my first time using a Marantz and I was pretty happy with the audio quality. You can access the slideshow by click the picture on the left.

Progress Energy also has rebates for different products that would seal your home against energy loss such as the installation of energy efficient windows, sealing duct work, adding attic insulation or converting to solar water heaters.

Progress-Energy is also running a ‘Save the Watts’ campaign that offers room-by-room with energy saving tips, a savings calendar and an energy saving tip of the day.


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