“PlantBottles” debut

I’m a Pepsi drinker but I might consider switching because this is pretty awesome.

Coca-Cola Company just launched its new “PlantBottle”– it’s a bottle made from plant material that is still 100 percent recyclable. It is made from a “blend of petroleum-based materials and up to 30 per cent plant-based materials sourced from sugar cane and molasses, meaning that unlike many other plant-based plastics it can be processed through existing recycling facilities without contaminating traditional PET plastics.”

Initial research showed that the carbon footprint for the whole life cycle of the bottle is up to 25 percent lower than traditional plastic bottles. Scott Vitters, director of sustainable packaging at The Coca-Cola Company said that the launch of the new bottle was the first phase in a wide-ranging project to reduce the environmental impact of the company’s packaging, adding that the long term aim was “to achieve a bottle that is made with 100 per cent plant-waste material while remaining completely recyclable”.

You can read the whole article here.


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