Pigskin in green?!

I’m a little behind in posting this but thought it was too cool to neglect completely. Last week, the ACC Championship football game was held in Tampa and the Tampa Bay Sports Authority teamed up with Tampa Electric to make the game at Raymond James Stadium the first to be powered by renewable energy.

From tampabay.com, an explanation by TECO spokesman Rick Morera on how it works:

“TECO buys renewable energy produced on solar panels around the area, such as the ones at Walker Middle School or the Museum of Science and Industry, and in biowaste laboratories in South Florida. The company then puts that energy onto the community’s electric grid. Because of that green energy contribution, TECO doesn’t have to produce as much regular carbon- emitting energy to meet the same needs.”

Using renewable energy in this capacity is the equivalent of taking 75 cars off the road for a month, according to TECO.

Can you imagine if this was possible at every college football game?!


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