Google mania

I love Google. I love Gmail and Google maps and Google searches. I’m even slightly addicted to GoogleWave even though I’m still trying to figure it out.

And I now love that Google has a new tool aimed to help track deforestation.

Google Image


Unveiled at the Climate Change conference in Copenhagen, this prototype technology “enables online, global-scale observation and measurement of changes in the earth’s forests,” according to the official Google blog.

“We hope this technology will help stop the destruction of the world’s rapidly-disappearing forests,” wrote engineering manager Rebecca Moore and environment manager Amy Luers in the post.

The software uses Google Earth to provide image composites of forests at various points in time. This will allow scientists to track deforestation over long periods of time. It also uses cloud computing technology to provide deforestation trends so that illegal logging can be identified, as well as help measure the impact of local deforestation on a global scale.

You can check out the post here, with a full explanation of the software complete with visuals.


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