Need4Feed #COP15

Climate change, meet Twitter.

Need4Feed, an online tool developed by Purdue’s computer science geeks, aggregates the best and most popular “tweets” on any given topic. It is currently tuned into the #COP15 hash tag signaling tweets about the Copenhagen Climate Conference. The Twitter tool determines popularity of tweets by employing an algorithm that analyzes how other Twitter users respond to a message by either retweeting, replying or marking as a favorite tweet.

From Need4Feed, “Need4feed is a Twitter analytics tool that analyzes tweets within the context of a conference hash tag – in this case #cop15. It uses an algorithm that examines responses to specific tweets, and builds a popularity ranking for that tweet. This ranking identifies those tweets that may have broad appeal for others using the same hash tag.”

It is a way cool tool to use to sludge through all the news coming out of Copenhagen.  I’ve been doing my best via various news tools but since coming across this, I’ve found the most interesting (and relevant) topics have soared to the top. For example, I found an article that was reposted by a conference goer about how energy efficient the venue where the conference is being held is.

In addition to just posting tweets, it has some other cool features like favorites, photos, links, a search tool and my personal favorite, charts.


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