Trend: Spending more “green” on green

According to study by Ethical Consumerism, the market for green products and services grew by five percent last year.

From BusinessGreen,

“The report found that spending rose on a wide range of green products and services ranging from energy efficient appliances, light bulbs and boilers to small-scale renewable energy projects and green energy tariffs sources.”

Considering we are still in a recession, this is sort of unheard-of-amazing. Green products often suffer from the image (or reality) that they are more expensive than their non-green counterparts.

TampaStreetMarket_WaterBottles“It’s really trying to educate the public on what really is green and eco-friendly and why,” said Tampa Street Market owner Amy Haynie in an interview earlier this year. Haynie and her husband operate a small business in Seminole Heights that sells only “green” furniture and products.

“You don’t have to spend any money to go and do something that is not only green and good for the environment, but its green and healthy for you. It’s a lot healthier. And it’s the same product,” she said. “What you get in return far outweighs what you are saving.”

Another store, Why Not? boutique in South Tampa, also sells exclusively green products. Think green this Christmas and check these stores out!

  • To read a Q & A with Amy Haynie, click here.
  • To read about Why Not? and its’ owner Jennifer Dutkowsky, click here.

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