Powering the Super Bowl

Earlier, I did a posts on baseball and college football going “green.”

Now it’s time for the big show.

NextEra Energy Resources, part of Florida Light and Power, is teaming up with the NFL to match energy use during Pro Bowl and Super Bowl with renewable energy credits.

Renewable energy credits are used to offset the amount of energy used during an event. In this case, NextEra Energy operates clean, emissions-free nuclear power generation facilities in New Hampshire, Iowa and Wisconsin.

“This is the fourth year in a row that the NFL will use renewable energy to power the Super Bowl,” NextEra officials said in a statement. “The NFL’s power use preparing for the games and during them will be matched with the renewable credits at no cost to the league.”

Watching the game or hosting a party? Here’s a few tips to reduce your carbon footprint on Super Bowl Sunday:

  • Making a trip to stack up on snacks? Don’t forget the reusable grocery bags. And if you head to Target with them, you can save 5 cents per bag.
  • Carpool. It saves gas, as well as emissions
  • Avoid serving bottled water to reduce plastic consumption.
  • Use recyclable paper goods and set up recycling bins for those beer bottles or cans.

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