Curbside pick up? Yes, please!

When I lived in Tampa, recycling was easy with curbside pick up.

When I moved back to St. Pete, I had to petition my apartment complex to get on site recycling bins. (Which, to my delight, are always filling up faster than they get picked up.)

And now, recycling pickup plans are on hold in Pinellas county again, which makes it the largest county in Florida without the service.


“The county had planned to use extra solid waste service revenue to pay for weekly curbside recycling pickup. Under the proposal, the county would pay for a contractor to pick up the goods or reimburse cities that already have the service. St. Petersburg, where residents have asked for service and the city demurred financing it, decided to accept the county’s offer.

But questions by the County Commission over cost have left a start date in the lurch. A year ago, the county planned to begin Jan. 1. Then in the fall, it was pushed back to June 2010.”

Concerned as a Pinellas county resident? You can sign the petition for curbside recycling here.


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