Around Tampa Bay

A few green business tidbits from around Tampa Bay:

  • MOSI (Tampa’s  Museum of Science & Industry) is planning to build an 11-acre alternative energy plant that would serve to educate visitors and provide electricity for the facility. The search committee is looking for companies across the board that can use solar, wind, biomass hydrogen or algae to create 20 megawatts of electricity an hour.
  • There’s an $8 billion national commitment for the developmeny of alternative, green  energy — resulting in a plan to build a  biomass plant in Hillsborough County. According to officials, a new biomass plant in this area could greatly improve the power grid infrastructure and provide greater resistance to storms and other natural disasters. Additional benefits could include improvements to other infrastructures in the bi-county area, specifically roads and waterways.
  • The Lakeland Center is being outfitted with 1,232 solar panels on the roof; the panels cover the size of about an acre. Iit is estimated that by 2018, the solar panels will be able to generate 24 megawatts of power, or enough power to supply 7,200 homes, city spokesman Kevin Cook said.

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