Going Solar… Zoo Style

The newest additions to the Lowry Park Zoo are taller than the tallest giraffe, standing 28 feet high and resting on the roof tops.

No, not animals- solar panels!

“The purpose of this project is to inform the public about solar technology, and it’s more of an outreach project to encourage customers to look into putting solar on their homes and businesses,” said Shelly Aubuchon with Tampa Electric.

The panels blend into buildings while simultaneously supplying energy to the zoo. The panels produce 15 kilowatts of electricity; enough to power the Treetop Skyfari ride.

“We wanted to really show that energy can be brought close to the public, and it can be in an environment that is really sustainable and environmentally friendly,” said Alex Domijan, a USF professor who helped create the project. “So when you look at the solar arrays here, they’re done in such a way that you don’t even notice them.”

Lowry Park Zoo is planning to open their hands-on solar exhibit on Earth Day, April 22.

You can watch a video from FOX13 here.


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