Local businesses achieve “green” designation

The Pinellas County Extension launched a new campaign this past year to allow Pinellas county businesses to become “green” certified. The Green Business Partnership allows businesses to showcase “their commitment to operating at the highest level of efficiency that promotes sound environmental practices and cost effectiveness that benefits their business, as well as the community.”

This past week, two companies earned that designation: Lasting Impressions in Dunedin and C&D Printing in St. Pete.

From the Extension Office:

We would like to recognize Lee Mullen, owner of Lasting Impressions who has implemented many green practices including installing LED lighting throughout his facility which reduced energy consumption by half and provided a significant cost savings.

We would also like to recognize Bill Serata, owner of C&D Printing. One of the green practices that Bill supports is recycling and he recycles aluminum printing plates, plastics, paper and cardboard, which not only helps the environment, but provides money back which reduces operating costs. As a result, these savings are passed on to the customer.

If you would like to learn more about the Green Business Partnership, click here


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