Rebate website revealed

If you’re looking to buy new appliances, take to the stores next week when the Energy Star appliance rebate program kicks in. (Check out this post for an update on what qualifies)

Dont’ forget to register online first, though.  Because there is a limited amount of available rebates, Crist is urging consumers to visit the Web site to begin reserving rebate funds by obtaining a priority number. Based on the amount of funds reserved, the Web site will countdown the remaining available rebates.

Florida is offering $17.5 million in rebates on about 68,000 different appliances purchased April 16-25.

“Making these purchases this month will benefit consumers, businesses and our entire state economy, as well as increase energy and water savings for years to come,” Crist said in a news release.

Consumers can receive rebates of up to $1,500 per household. Rebates will be given in the form of a prepaid American Express card, which can be exchanged for a check or electronic funds transfer.


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