Calculate your footprint…

…In environmental terms, that is!

What is a ‘carbon footprint’? It’s the impact a person, product or behavior has on the environment- everything from the resources used to the waste generated. Americans on average have the largest footprint in the world due to high levels of consumption;  about 24% of the world’s energy is consumed by only 5% of the population.

So, want to know where your biggest impact is coming from so you can target energy savings measures? There are several  online calculators that calculate personal ecological or environmental footprint. Check them out- you might be surprised.

Global Footprint Network lets you evaluate the footprint of your home, your city, your business or your country, as well as offers tips for reduction.

Redefining Progress is a 27 question quiz to estimate your ecological impact, with charts/graphs to show your waste compared to the average for the region where  you live.


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