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Happy Earth Day!

To celebrate Earth Day, I’ve launched my project “Sustainable Tampa Bay: Examining People, Planet and Profit.”

Through interviews with Tampa Bay ‘green’ experts, it was found that while the region is struggling to adapt green practices, there are significant grassroots movements in both Tampa and St. Petersburg. Most stress the need for public education on these issues. The online project examines both personal and business perspectives within the ‘green’ movement, detailing the benefits of sustainability, energy efficiency, and education through storytelling and multimedia components.

The online project “Sustainable Tampa Bay: Examining People, Profit and Sustainability”, is broken down into three sections: Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, and Education. These categories emerged after interviews with ten Tampa Bay ‘green’ experts ranging from ‘green’ business owners to sustainability consultants to educators at local colleges and universities. The categories represent the three most important issues facing the Tampa Bay community.

This project was produced as a requirement for graduation at the University of South Florida for a Master’s degree in Mass Communications: Multimedia Journalism.


Earth Day resolutions

Earth Day  is just around the corner.

This year, pledge to make a change for the year that is beneficial to the planet and to yourself.  After all, as the popular expression goes,  “every little thing counts.”

Habits are the drivers of many of environmental problems.  From GreenLivingIdeas.com,  here are some major habits hurting the environment that you could look to change starting on Earth Day.

1) Leave the car at home, or sell it!

The average transit rider in the US saves over $9,000 a year by riding transit. Riding a bike for transportation purposes is even more economically beneficial. Also, in many cities, bicycling is faster than driving or using transit.

Environmentally, transportation is the big cheese. It is the leading net contributor to climate change pollution. It is also a major factor affecting air pollution and water pollution.

2) Don’t put meat on the table — go vegetarian or vegan (at least during the week)

Water and energy use for livestock production is skyscrapers higher than for fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts. Concerning climate change, livestock production is third on the list for net contribution to climate change.

For those you think going fully vegetarian is too difficult (I assure you it is not), a new environmental trend is sweeping the nation — weekday environmentalism. Surely, it is not too difficult to cut meat out of your diet during the week, at least, and what a difference it would make! Apparently, it could cut your carbon footprint by as much as 70%.

3) Put some solar panels on your roof!

There are great tax incentives and rebates across the country now for using solar power on your house or business. Additionally, innovative programs like PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing or group solar buying are continuing to make it easier and more affordable to go solar. This Earth Day, consider finally making the switch.